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A survivor’s story

This is the 10th Anniversary of the Andaman earthquake and tsunami, which killed nearly 300,000 people on Boxer Day, December 26,

\2004. Read a first-hand account by marine biologist Dwayne Meadows, who was in Khao Lak, Thailand, when the wave hit. (Khao Lak is depicted in the Oscar-nominated 2012 movie, The Impossible, with Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor.) In this account, written at the time of the Japanese tsunami of 2011, I also explain how the two tsunamis were triggered and how the Andaman wave traveled with deadly speed across the Indian Ocean, and ultimately around the globe. -Kerry Tremain




Explore Yosemite’s hidden stories—and contribute to its future. Go on a unique journey through the park’s history and the people who shaped it. Experience Yosemite anew—with lavish illustrations and stories by Ken Brower, Rebecca Solnit, Kerry Tremain and others—and contribute to its future! Twenty percent of all proceeds support Yosemite Conservancy programs. More info and links at





GGB Cover

Wild Flight of the Imagination


Download your FREE copy of this new interactive, multimedia book for iPad produced by Sol Editions for the California Historical Society, available on the CHS web site or directly through iTunes.

Our new ebook chronicles the history of this treasured icon, just as hundreds of thousands of admirers of the Golden Gate Bridge converge on San Francisco to celebrate its 75th Anniversary. California Historical Society is releasing a FREE multi-media eBook that captures the rich history and amazing story of the Bridge through a collection of rarely seen artwork, photographs, video, memorabilia, stories, images and audio recordings of the original bridge workers.

The eBook title is based on an exhibition of the same name that is currently being featured at the California Historical Society. The phrase is borrowed from a 1921 promotional prospectus for the Golden Gate Bridge in which the authors, chief engineer for the bridge Joseph Strauss and San Francisco city engineer M.M. O’Shaughnessy, use inspirational language to set a tone for the enormously ambitious engineering feat.

The interactive multimedia app makes over 350 historic objects, as well as dozens of photographs and other ephemera from the CHS collection available to the reader. Highlights include photographs by Ansel Adams and Dorthea Lange, paintings by Maynard Dixon, Ray Strong, and Chesley Bonestell, architectural drawings by the two architects who worked on the bridge design, and recordings from original workers about building the bridge, including a first-hand description of the accident that killed ten men shortly before the bridge opened. The book also features an opening music selection from composer Rob Kapilow’s “Chrysopylae,” A Golden Gate Opus, written for the Marin Symphony, with contributions from sound designer Fred Newman.

“The story of the Golden Gate Bridge is a remarkable one, captivating millions of people around the world with its themes of promise, innovation, perseverance, and artistic inspiration,” said Anthea Hartig, Executive Director of the California Historical Society. “This eBook will help share that story with so many more enthusiasts and bring to life in an interactive way the amazing story of this California treasure. We are pleased and delighted to have worked with Sol Editions and Wild Blue Studios to bring the richness of our historic collection to a global audience than can now share in the Golden Gate’s 75th Anniversary.”



Russian California


Sol Editions has created a new interactive ebook on the early history of Russian settlement in California. Developed for the California State Parks Foundation and the Renova Foundation, the book appears on the bicentennial of the establishment of Fort Ross. This Russian American Company outpost in Sonoma County, founded in 1812, and sold to John Sutter in 1842, is now a state historical park. Stories of the settlers, famous and unknown, is told through contemporary and historic photography and paintings, video and audio narratives, interactive maps and more. Download your FREE COPY here.


Magnificent 70

The Magnificent 70, a web site conceived, designed, written and directed by Sol Editions for California State Parks Foundation, is a celebration of 70 California state parks slated to close July 2012, and a reminder of what will be lost if they are shuttered.

On this site you can discover a stagecoach stop on the El Camino Real, now surrounded by a city, or a mountain where a Silicon Valley pioneer first measured the earth’s magnetism. There are historic buildings where Northerners and Southerners battled for control of California before the Civil War, where a suffragette was married to a pioneer with two Native American wives, where a buckskinned hunter entertained troops with a mule-skull fiddle, and where an anti-capitalist crusader and Ronald Reagan both lived. Among these parks are Clark Gables’ forest retreat (now home to a popular reggae festival), the site of a school built by a woman who survived the Donner Party only to see her husband hanged by a mob, a Taoist temple from Gold-Rush days, and a ranch that boarded camels imported from Egypt. There are forests with trees older than the Roman Empire and grinding stones used by Native Americans whose ancestors arrived ten thousand years ago. There are streams where salmon have been returning to spawn for millions of years and mountains made of granite plutons from the dinosaur era.

The Magnificent 70 are places where California’s great geologic, natural, cultural, and political legacies come alive and where families return year after year to celebrate their own traditions and invent new ones. Nearly 80 million people visit California’s state parks each year. These are the places that our forefathers and mothers stopped and said: Something important lives here, something beautiful or tragic or both, something to appreciate and enjoy now, and something to conserve for the future.

—Kerry Tremain

Video produced for the Magnificent 70 by Doug McConnell and ConvergenceMedia in collaboration with Sol Editions


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